Take A Look Into The Future

The technologically advanced world we live in today, allows instant access to information. We know what type of weather to expect. Thanks to the traffic report, we know which road to take. Just as we are well informed in everyday life, we too can be well informed in our finances. To know what steps we need to take with our money now, we need to look into the future.  Plan Ahead We often suggest writing your plans in a three column table. List your goals, [...]

Become a Wealth Manager Today!

Wealth managers are caretakers of wealth. You may not consider yourself a wealth manager. You may not have a net worth of 35 million. But the truth is you are a wealth manager. It’s time to think like one. There has been a common misconception that  financial planning is for the rich. Not true. Everyone regardless of their financial background ought to have a plan. If you are student in your final year, you better start thinking about your financial goals. You might [...]

5 Steps to Transforming Your Finances

Transformation. What is it? Change in form, appearance, nature, or character. ( You’re probably thinking, how is it possible to transform my finances? Can finances change in form, appearance, nature or character? No. You are the one who can change. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! If we want to improve our finances, we ourselves have to be transformed. We have to establish new methods of management for growth and sustainability. To aid you in your transformation, here are 5 simple steps: Decide to make that transformation today. Some may think it’s [...]

How Small Business Owners are Cheating Themselves

Today we feature our guest blogger, Kim Roberts. She graciously volunteered to share her expertise on bookkeeping: Recently I’ve become interested in a local reality television show where small business owners present their cases for funding to various financing organisations.  One of the things that struck me most is that several of the business persons had little to no financial record keeping in place. It was shocking and a little appalling to hear that businesses that had been functional for years, had [...]

How to Cope If You Fail

Failures are sometimes not the easiest defeats to get over. They can take a toll on us physically and emotionally.  If we are not careful, feelings of despair can come on pretty strongly and result in feelings of hopelessness. But to combat hopelessness, we have four simple ways of coping: Forgive yourself – Don’t be so hard on yourself. We sometimes set unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We get mad and think the worst things about ourselves. If only I was smarter. How [...]

What If You Need a Plan B

Life happens.  We don’t go planning for delays or setbacks, but they do occur. Let’s say you and your family were planning a vacation for over a year. You’re pretty much excited and ready to go, but you recently found out that your roof is leaking. What are you going to do? We all experience financial setbacks from time to time. We sometimes have a pity party and think we are being we are denied the opportunity to achieve Plan A. Not really. It’s much like [...]

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Is it always easy to make a plan? And to stick to it? Are we so easily daunted by the amount of tasks that comes with planning, especially when it comes to our finances? Do we wait until we have to rush to get our affairs in order? The answer is simple. Yes. To prevent the frustration and at times the anguish that comes with planning, we have a solution. Plan ahead. Planning ahead makes us better prepared. The better prepared we are, the less [...]

How To Set Goals for 2014

We’ve all heard that it’s tradition to make new year resolutions, make a plan and stick to it. Unfortunately, in most cases we don’t manage to make it past day one in the new year.    But before you become apprehensive about setting goals, we have our definitions of what a plan is and what goals are. A plan is considered a map for a journey. Goals are considered series of steps taken to reach a destination. Now that doesn’t sound half bad. The [...]

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

You have achieved your weight goal. Way to go! You just found out about your job promotion. Congratulations!  You just got of debt. What an achievement! How does one celebrate one’s victories? Wisely and prudently of course. For example, an increase in salary does not automatically mean an increase in lifestyle. Think about it. There are healthy ways in which you can treat yourself without having to break the bank or swipe your credit card. Here’s how: Gift Cards – The wonderful thing about gift cards is [...]

The Role of the Financial Planner

Many have been scarred by unfortunate experiences with financial planners.   Some have had run ins with financial planners who only sought to get a cut from their financial gain. Some have been on the receiving end of bad financial advice. But, there are financial planners who keep their clients’ best interests in mind. They seek to provide the most excellent service to those who come through their doors. They tend to possess a strong work ethic. To correct the erred view of financial [...]