The Role of the Financial Planner

The Role of the Financial Planner

Many have been scarred by unfortunate experiences with financial planners.  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Some have had run ins with financial planners who only sought to get a cut from their financial gain.

Some have been on the receiving end of bad financial advice.

But, there are financial planners who keep their clients’ best interests in mind.

They seek to provide the most excellent service to those who come through their doors. They tend to possess a strong work ethic.

To correct the erred view of financial planners today, we have summarised the role of the financial planner as that of a teacher, coach and guide.

Teacher –  If anyone had a good teacher, they would remember the care and time their educator took to present a topic. If there were any questions, their teacher would gladly welcome the opportunity to explain further. Sometimes the teacher would stay after school and give one on one attention, if there was need to. As teachers, financial planners take the time to shed light on any aspect of their client’s unique financial situation.

Coach – If you were part of a sports team, you had a coach. The role of the coach was to get and keep the team in shape and prepare the team for the matches ahead.  As coaches, financial planners are there to keep you in financial shape!

Guide –  As guides, financial planners steer their clients throughout their financial journey. Those who guide best often are abreast with the financial times. They caution their clients of financial decisions not to make. They are often able to discern when is the right time to action specific financial goals.

Along with fulfilling the role of teacher, coach and guide, a financial planner should portray these key characteristics:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Loyalty
  4. Stability

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