Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

You have achieved your weight goal. Way to go!

You just found out about your job promotion. Congratulations! gift card hands

You just got of debt. What an achievement!

How does one celebrate one’s victories? Wisely and prudently of course. For example, an increase in salary does not automatically mean an increase in lifestyle.

Think about it.

There are healthy ways in which you can treat yourself without having to break the bank or swipe your credit card.

Here’s how:

  1. Gift Cards – The wonderful thing about gift cards is they help you determine how much money you are able to spend. You definitely wouldn’t break your budget.
  2. Cook a Meal  There’s nothing like a home cooked meal to warm your heart. The dinner table is considered a place where intimacy is shared. Instead of going to a restaurant, why not share this cherished occasion with your loved one or ones around the table.
  3. Plan a Picnic – Picnics are fun. You can have them at the beach or designated park areas. Pack your picnic basket with goodies from the pantry, gather a few family members, friends or your date and enjoy!

You see, it is possible to treat yourself and be resourceful at the same time. You don’t necessarily need to depend on the resources of an institution to reward yourself.

What are some of the healthy ways you have treated yourself?

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