Recovering Financially from The Crop Over Festival

Recovering Financially from The Crop Over Festival

Whether you are a lover of the music and arts, the bands or the food, this blog is for you.

We all come from different walks of life, have different tastes and just love to have a good time. There are various events this Crop Over season that will just catch our eye and compel us to go. So we will go.

But after the excitement has passed, you will realise you made quite an investment into the festivities.  How do you recover after the festival is through? By following these three steps:

Step 1recovering

If you have used your credit card to fund your activities, there will be a bill to pay. Gather all of your receipts and total them. If you can afford to, pay it in full. If not, don’t settle to pay the minimum amount. Always pay more than the minimum amount required. Another way you can clear this, is to pay the amount in three installments. This way you wouldn’t incur more interest than needed.

Step 2

Lay low for a while. Put a hold on the spending. As we said in Step 1, there will be bills to pay. Also, this helps you to curb impulse spending.

Step 3

Start saving for next year. Set aside 50 dollars a month towards the festival in the new year. A little can go a long way. Think of it this way. You will not have to place a strain on your budget by the time Crop Over comes around.

Here’s to a Successful recovery!

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