How to Budget for Special Occasions

How to Budget for Special Occasions

It’s that time of the year where we party hearty! champagne party

We have block parties, celebrate weddings, have family reunions and let’s not forget the barbecues!

To ensure your event runs smoothly, you need a plan. Along with the guest list and venue, you will need a budget.

For the event planner or the party planner at heart, you know this is vital.  Money is the heart of any special occasion and it is what makes the event possible.

So for you newbies or veterans, we have some tips you can use to create your event budget:

  1. Guests: Make a list of the number of guests you plan to invite. This will determine your catering costs if you plan to cater the event.
  2. Location: Determine the location of the event. If it is a family reunion, using a relative’s home can save you money big time.
  3. Menu: Create the menu to suit the occasion. If it is a family gathering, have a potluck lunch or dinner.
  4. Decorations & Favours:  Think about the theme, review the area and determine how much it would cost to transform your space. Think of fun and creative favours to give away while you’re at it. Purchase them in bulk.
  5. Rentals: Determine if you will be renting chairs, tables or cutlery. Some venues do not provide seating or utensils for eating.

With these in mind, you want to assign a cost to each category.

Once your budget is in place, you can go full steam ahead wtih your planning.

We would love to know how you budget for occasions such as these. Please share your comments with us below!

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