Preparing Your Children for College

Preparing Your Children for College

The best way to prepare your children for college, is to involve them in the planning process.

Here are some suggestions we have to offer:

  1. Guide your children into their field of study. Find out what makes them tick. You have known them their entire life and you know their strengths. Start today by finding out what they want to be when they grow up.
  2. Do not pressure yourself to send your children to a university. If they are interested in being a electrician, mechanic or even providing professional massage services, for example, there are many community colleges which facilitate these studies. This option will save you money in the long run.
  3. Teach them the importance of practising financial prudence before their college days. They will be on their own and will need to know how to budget. A great way to give them a hands on approach is to train them in budgeting their allowance or pay. Guess what? You can encourage your children to start saving for college. From today!
  4. Finally, encourage your children to take courses in their desired field of study in their high school (secondary school) years. On applying to their college of choice, they are likely to receive exemptions. Maybe even a scholarship.

So get your children involved today. It is never too early to prepare them for college.

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